The Pajama Baker

My name is Ashley. 

I grew up in Virginia in a family that loves to bake, so naturally I found myself interested in all things flour, sugar, and icing. In 2010, I moved to across the Atlantic to study for my Master’s degree in London. I decided that the best way to make the UK seem more like home was to bake. I quickly found myself covered in flour almost every weekend, and I gained quite a reputation amongst my friends for my cakes, cookies, brownies, and other baking experiments.

During the week, I work as a design strategist, but on the weekends, I tend to bake. My boyfriend laughed when he’d wake up to the aroma of warm vanilla wafting through our flat, only find me in the kitchen on Saturday mornings, still in my pajamas, covered in flour or chocolate and with the oven on full blast.

So I’ve decided to chronicle my weekend adventures in baking in order to compile a collection of my favorite recipes, as well as my experiments in learning new ones.

Here goes nothing!

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